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Maggie Heinzel-Neel

  • Bed in a Shared Sea View – $1,810.00
  • Bed in a large triple room – $1,500.00

All prices are plus tax

Maggie Heinzel-Neel Jan 24th-29th, 2017

January 24 - 29, 2017

Come nourish and revive your body and soul in the midst of the darkest days of winter. Maggie Heinzel-Neel, owner of Vitality Yoga Flow, will lead you through morning classes of a solid alignment based vinyasa flow while weaving the foundational yoga sutras to contemplate and discuss. The afternoon practice will restore you in Zen Yoga. Zen Yoga is the meeting of yoga and Chinese Medicine where we will learn how to discipline our minds and bodies by exploring the energy channels called meridians through yin/restorative yoga and deep pranayama. This practice will train our minds to become very focused which allows us to feel ‘Zen’; clear, calm and centered. This is especially effective for relieving anxiety, scattered brain, tension, and many chronic physical ailments. The disciplined mind is a happy calm centered mind, the disciplined body is healthy and vibrant, come achieve both to shine through the winter!


Accommodations will be in the large house on the site as our main accommodations which sleeps around 10 – 12 people. The house is not set right on the beach but within 1 minute your toes will be in the water in addition to a few rooms outside of the house. Click the link for more details.


By Dr. David Nidorf:
“What is unique about Maggie’s classes is that we get the whole range of experiences, an excellent physical workout, excellent precise instructions on the asanas, time at beginning and end for quiet contemplation, focus on breath both within the poses and in breath work, spiritual reflection, personal psychology (directed inward work), and deep relaxation. All that in an atmosphere of inclusivity, warmth, affection for the students, humor at times, and especially great for me, an ability to direct a class towards students who have been practicing or even teaching for many years while still being suitable for a beginner. This is no small task and somehow doing all of that in one class, in my experience, is extremely rare. I love Maggie’s classes. I feel better about myself and better about the world and more relaxed and confident when I leave her class than when I entered.Plus, because Maggie teaches vigorous classes with lots of weight bearing poses, each class builds upon another and strength naturally increases over time. This is especially attractive to me as a man and makes me feel good about spending so much time on my mat next to mostly women and I’m sure it’s why you can attract as many men as she does.”

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